Monday, 18 March 2013

Cyprus! Yet Another Reason to Vote UKIP!

I have been diametrically opposed to the unelected commissars of the European Union ever since I began the blog.  I have continually emphasised that any organisation must pass an audit if it is funded by public money.  For eighteen years the EU has failed to meet the demands of an audit and yet all our front bench politicians from Con/Lab/Lib continue to support it.

Nick Clegg goes even further because he would take us into the discredited euro zone even though we all now know that the inevitable collapse of this ill-conceived currency will cause immense hardship to many people living in the southern countries of Europe.

As country after country has to secure bailouts from the Central Banks it proves that almost all of the EU supporting economists and so called experts who man the financial institutions were either incompetent of fantasists (these are the nicest descriptions I could think of).

Never however, did I think that they would resort to theft from personal bank accounts to maintain the euro as is apparently about to happen in Cyprus. It shows the level of depravity that these EU officials are prepared to stoop to in order to keep the euro in place.

Of course Cyprus is home to a lot of rich Russians and Russia, unlike the fawning politicians of the EU, is usually prepared to back up its citizens.  It has caused such an outcry that they may have to rethink but it does illustrate what a ruthless group run the EU.  It is clearly another warning that voting Con/Lab/Lib is just another vote to keep the EU in business.  Only UKIP will take us out of the EU so surely you don't need any further evidence.


F***W*T TW****R said...

Have you read this V.M.?
good reasoning.

bryboy said...

Tks FT I have now. I read it only seconds after posting my latest. I think that so many of us are coming at this from different positions but drawing the same conclusions. It could get bumpy!