Thursday, 7 March 2013

Vicki Price and the Destruction of the LibDems!

The Liberal Democratic party (nice words!) are currently polling nationally at about 8%!  Today the wife of their former deputy leader faces a jail sentence after pleading not guilty to a charge of perverting the course of justice and being found guilty.  Her estranged husband has already pleaded guilty to the same charge.

This comes only days after the Lord Rennard charges which broke in the final week of the Eastleigh by-election but it goes further...much, much, further.  This party has faced scandal after scandal, Laws, Oaten, Opik (and the cheeky girls), Hancock (the teen fondler), and it goes back to the gay Simon Hughes attacking the gay Peter Tatchell for being gay!!

Their history is frankly abysmal.  The fact that the Tories under Cameron were prepared to form a government with this sleazy crowd speaks volumes for the Political Class. Power is the only game in town.  We had 13 years of an abject Labour party which of course meant that the Tories were almost certainly sure to win. But they didn''t and instead of insisting on a new election the Tories did a fudge.

They brought the sleaziest party ever known in history into government. That meant that the most despicable politician in our history is now our deputy prime minister. Nick Clegg presides over an actual sewer. The recent disclosures about Rennard and the Huhnes makes an honest man shake his head.

The Lib Dems held Eastleigh only because the LibDems were so entrenched and the other parties were so disorganised (UKIP apart) and chose such abysmal candidates that it was only the postal votes which defeated democracy.  Nick Clegg is a sleazy europhile opportunist who has never in his life given a thought for any person described as English.  He has been given the job of  DPM and that sums up the Political Class.

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