Sunday, 24 March 2013

More of the Same!

I have refrained from posting recently because I have been waiting for something to happen.  We have two scenarios affecting us and they are the scenarios in Syria and Cyprus.  Nothing has happened in Syria so I must conclude that the 'regime changers' cannot budge the government.  In fact the head of the rebels has just resigned! Oops!

In Cyprus their politicians are now grovelling in Brussels to maintain their gravy train. Every politician who supports the EU is being well rewarded so they will sacrifice their integrity to continue to belong to the very people who have wrecked their economy.  It is madness!

The EU will eventually accept a deal because if they ever cut any country free it will prove that a country can prosper without membership of their corrupt regime. Cyprus is on the brink but they will be offered a deal and the people will continue to suffer.  Their politicians will continue to prosper because they will not lose their gravy train.  People you must look at history...this bribery of weak officials has been going on for centuries!   

The recruitment of clever but morally weak individuals continues unabated. In the UK we have probably more than most.  I have never seen a more corrupt and useless bunch of politicians in our entire history.  We have a Chancellor who cannot budget properly because he serves controllers who restrict him from a sensible budget.  We have an opposition who are so in the pockets of almost anyone who will pay them that they cannot even announce one coherent policy.

It is incredible that an opposition party cannot tell the public what they would do if elected! In the meantime UKIP have announced clear and unequivocal policies that would save the economy of the country. They (we) have two years to convince the country that we must vote UKIP to save the future of  our children and our grandchildren.   

We must vote for ordinary people who are currently out of the influence of the bankers and regime changers. Some will bend to the temptation but most will step forward out of duty to the country.  Duty to the country? What an astonishingly outmoded concept!


GrumpyRN said...

Vote SNP Bryan.

GrumpyRN said...

Now that the referendum date has been settled it will be interesting to see what happens over the next few months. My heart says FREEEEEDOOOOM (like that horrible film with Mel Gibson) but my head say Hmmmmmmm wait a minute lets look at this.
If we were not in a recession, and as you have pointed out all these countries going to the wall, we would be certain of independence. But what's the point of independence if you then have to go begging?

bryboy said...

Hello GRN, If I lived in the land of my ancestors I would probably be a fervent nationalist! My problem with the SNP is their lack of clarity on so many issues. They want to rejoin the EU...why for heaven's sake when it would be far more beneficial to follow the example of Iceland. You could then really laugh at the English!