Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Mainstream Media!

I do wonder how long the British mainstream media can continue to lie to the British public before people cotton onto their conduct. Time after time they have been proven to be biased or, shall I say, manipulated.

Our mainstream media are hugely controlled and organised. The BBC for example, who are publicly funded, have an agenda that favours socialists.  We have now had a Coalition government dominated by Conservatives and yet still this publicly funded organisation continues to espouse Socialist policies! So all those people who voted Conservative at the last election had their votes ignored by David Cameron?

We have a situation in Syria (never mind Afghanistan) where ALL of our media outlets encourage the public to believe that President Assad has caused the grief in Syria.  Before the so called Rebels/Jihadists were all of a sudden, armed and motivated by people unknown...just like Egypt, Iraq and Libya...they had a peaceful society.

The legions of refugees were not caused by President Assad. They were caused by the people who I euphemistically term 'regime changers' and what sickens me is that it appears that people like David Cameron, William Hague, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, the BBC, SKY news and almost every mainstream politician over the past 20 years are on the payroll.

The people in Syria have had to flee their homes because the west has supported thugs and criminals. The Assad government were apparently well prepared for the assault by the bankers (oops sorry 'regime changers') and can now mop up the Jihadists because unlike in Afghanistan and Iraq they are not constrained by some weird rules which make it almost impossible for a soldier to kill someone without facing a court.

President Assad was well prepared because he had kept the banks at arms length (sorry 'regime changers') but he must have learned from the fates of the despots Ghadaffi and Saddam that he was next on the list!

The mainstream media continue to propose the ridiculous theory that the rebels need support from the west. How can we not afford public toilets and libraries and yet arm Jihadists in Syria? We now know what is important to ALL of our front line politicians! 

They do not represent you and me but I guess all the votes flooding to UKIP acknowledge that. The people are beginning to understand that we have been undermined (I hate to use the objective words like 'treason') by so many of our front line politicians who continually sell us down the EU river! 

Onwards and upwards people!

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