Thursday, 14 March 2013

Alcohol and the Government and other things!

There has been a lot written and spoken about the price of alcohol.  I find it amazing that this government continues to find distractions that guide the public away from their nefarious activities.  We have had House of Lords reform, we have had gay marriage and now we have the price of alcohol!

In the meantime of course we have the potential of a Third World War emanating out of Syria, we have lost our AAA credit rating, the EU is in financial meltdown and the cost of fuel, heating and food continues to rise away above anything that the government will admit.  So all together now who cares about minimum pricing for alcohol? 

Today the news is being dominated by the election of a new Pope and Mick Philpott!!  I admit that I am a news junky but when our nation faces such horrendous challenges how can the news be dictated by an appointment of a religious leader who none of us have ever heard of and a pervert from Victory Road Derby who was known to everyone as 'odd'.

Our news is controlled by the 'regime changers' and recently they slipped up in Denmark. People must understand that our news which we take as gospel is manipulated by people attempting to distract us from what is actually happening.

Some of us who Captain Ranty describes as 'Awkward Sods' must continue to uncover the truth as we see it.  We all do it in different ways but we all try to hold our government to account. This government, this Coalition government, is not OUR government. Somehow they have manipulated our democracy to their advantage.  We are no longer a democracy because the politicians no longer represent the public.  They are more interested in the 'regime changers'.

The panic that these people are feeling over the situation in Syria was today illustrated when Prince Charles and Camilla were despatched to Syria to be 'heartbroken' over a situation which the 'Regime Changers' caused. Read into this what you will but do not be surprised by actions which may be distasteful to your beliefs. The Royals are part of the club and they always have been.

I remain concerned that President Assad is winning this war.  The news media is controlled. They will tell you anything except the truth so let me tell you what I believe (for what it is worth!).  The regime changers have met a buffer.  This buffer is well supported which spells danger.

Today our politicians represent the three wise monkeys. We need to keep our noses out but then I said the same about Libya and Afghanistan, However I am not being paid a shed load of money by people who want 'regime change!

If Assad defeats the 'regime changers' then what then?  They have never been defeated! They go back to the Napoleonic Wars and they have always been victorious, Their money is paramount but today at last they have backed the wrong horse.

It could get very nasty but then who cares when we are more concerned with a minimum price for alcohol or gay marriage or who destroyed the economy of the UK!  Our politicians reflect the intellect of our society. You get what you deserve!

When we descend into the abyss I will probably be dead but you can still read my blog as you march onto Westmonster and throw them all into the Thames. Then you can redistribute the tax system, throw out the illegal residents and reward marriage. We can also regulate  Facebook and the Porn revolution and reward servicemen for their sacrifice. Just for starters!


Ripper said...

Great post Bry.

SAB said...

In Sheffield this morning the main news story was... Wait for it..... Pot holes!

Great post.