Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cameron Under Pressure!

David Cameron is quite rightly coming under fire from multi-sources within his own party.  I am just surprised that it has taken so long because he is clearly losing much of the grass roots support. In my opinion he is also losing the plot.

Not only has he failed to implement much of the Tory manifesto prior to the last election he is now flying in the face of public opinion so let me tell him what the public want and if he doesn't deliver prior to 2015 it will be useless allowing him to lead his party into that General Election.

Most of us want that all important in/out referendum on the EU.  We want an end to immigrants and criminals hiding behind Human Rights legislation.  It has gone on too long and has hugely damaged the country.  We want proper qualified police back on the streets supporting the public not the state.

We want the army out of Afghanistan now and not when it is convenient for him and Barack Obama. We do not want to spend money on arms to Jihadist rebels in Syria and we do not want anything other than emergency aid to leave this country.

We want the bankers regulated properly. We want an end to thousands of Town Hall fat cats receiving salaries far greater than his own. What happened to the 'bonfire of the quangos'? He must regulate government spending without the public suffering any further and there has to be an end to utility companies fleecing the public on behalf of shareholders.

Most people with a brain would agree that Gordon Brown was the worst PM in the history of the country but nothing has changed.  In fact the loss of the AAA credit rating probably makes it worse.  Food prices continue to rise faster than inflation rates.

Transport is becoming a major problem.  Fuel rockets at every opportunity and train prices are prohibitive for most working class people and yet we have High Speed Rail hoist upon us at huge cost to the Treasury and the countryside.  It is madness.  Airport taxes have increased in fact we are now taxed on everything over and over again to pay for our membership of the European Union.

We need to see some effort being made to ensure that the public are being treated in a fair manner.  We are overtaxed and under pressure and yet we are rich in resource and enterprise.  Where are the politicians who genuinely want to raise standards and not just smash the working class into the ground?  I don't see very many but UKIP have done one good thing at Eastleigh they have scared the Tories who are in turn turning their attention on their leader. 


Sam Keith said...

I couldn't agree more.
Just what Mr and Mrs average voter want and a sure fire recipe for winning the next election.
It won't happen. Most of our scheming politicians are blinded by party and self interest and a lust for glory on the international stage.
Here's a quote I picked up on recently on another blog and which hits the spot. A pity I can't recall who deserves the credit:

'My opinion of politicians and bankers deteriorates daily. In fact, I get up an hour early every morning, just so that I can hate them for longer.'

bryboy said...

Tks for your interest Sam. That is a great quote and probably sums up the situation. I think the Eric Joyce fiasco is a prime example. We cannot get rid of him until he is jailed in excess of a year! What is that all about? However the most depressing aspect is that the voters of Falkirk will probably return another Labour activist at their next opportunity to vote!