Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Milibands...A Toxic Brand!

When the Marxist Jew Ralph Miliband managed to get himself on almost the last ferry to leave Belgium scurrying across the Channel before the Nazis arrived in the early years of World War II you would think that he would be grateful for the safe haven he was given.

You would be wrong.  He subsequently dedicated his life to destroying the British way of life,  He described us as 'the worst nationalists in the world and 'almost hoped that we would lose the war'.  Of course that would have meant his incarceration but no matter when you are free to criticize and plot against your adopted country, then your convictions are paramount.

In this country he bred two sons and although they never, ever did an honest day's toil they were rich enough (Labour politicians remember) to climb the political ranks and gain the backing of the various associations that prop up the Labour Party.

When Gordon Brown was eventually defeated most people (who were interested) expected that the elder brother, David, would be elected leader of the Labour Party, but his younger sibling Ed employed his links with the Unions to defeat him.  Classic stab in the back politics.

Now big brother David has resigned his seat in Parliament and announced that he is going to a 'big' job in New York with a charity organisation.  You will notice that it is all about him.  I read that his relationship with his brother is 'strained' but no matter he will disappear over the 'pond' and cut his ties with South Shields.

Now forgive me but any relationship with the Milibands and South Shields is purely coincidental!  For years the citizens of South Shields would vote for a frog if it had a red rosette attached.  To them voting Labour is compulsory but even they must begin to question what that means?

Their MP has suddenly resigned and bunked off to America. He has not given them a second glance.  He is appearing on national television and not once mentioned the voters of South Shields.  He has not apologised to them because to him they don't exist. They were a means to an end. They were given to him as a present for being a good boy and a loyal servant.

Now they face a by-election but this time they face an alternative party.  Labour have let them down and their MP has deserted them for his own ends. They cannot vote Tory and it is a waste of time to vote Lib Dem so what is left? The voters of South Shields are being described as being a 'Rotten Borough' because of their slavish acceptance of everything Labour.  Surely, surely they have sufficient people of common sense to realise that the Milibands are a toxic brand who care not a jot for their constituents!

Vote UKIP and get justice!


bewick said...

"because of their slavish acceptance of everything Labour. Surely, surely they have sufficient people of common sense to realise that the Milibands are a toxic brand who care not a jot for their constituents!"

You would think so Bryboy. I live just a hop, skip, and a jump away and I'm not at all sure your hope will be realised. There MIGHT be a chance if the Tories and Lib Dems exhibited some common sense in this Labour bastion and stood back to give UKIP a free field. ~AH - basic mistake - I assumed that "common sense" might make a rare appearance.

bryboy said...

I agree Bewick but if they stand back and give UKIP a crack at the seat it would mean that the myth of the BIG three would be shattered forever. These 'rotten' boroughs are the last remaining hope for a discredited Labour party whose leaders live in mansions in Notting Hill and then claim to be 'representatives of the people'. Nice to hear from you again.