Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Man with No Shame!

I am astonished at the support that The Political Class is handing to Sir David Nicholson , The Chief Executive of the NHS, who presided over policies which appear to have led to the premature death of thousands of patients.  Yesterday he appeared before a Health Select committee at the House of Commons who, with a couple of exceptions, were largely toothless.
One again our parliamentarians proved themsemves pretty much useless when attempting to pin down a rogue administrator.  I get the impression that some of them simply had not done their homework.  They had little fact to throw at him and he was allowed to deny, fail to remember and obfuscate to his heart's content.
Something is very wrong here.  I get the feeling that if the politicians dismiss this man and they should, then a huge can of worms will be revealed which will involve so many more people.  The NHS is massive.  Parts of it still work really well but under this man an unhealthy culture of neglect, pay-offs and corruption were in evidence.
Yesterday he had remarkable lapses of memory which sometimes made me wonder how he got the job in the first place.  I'm afraid that, once again, the public are probably facing a scandal which is so large it has the prints of the EU all over it.
There is little doubt in my mind that we are facing a huge cancer involving so many of our leading politicians who are serving someone other than the British public.  It did nor surprise me in the slightest that four former Labour Health Secretaries, Milburn, Johnson, Hewitt and Burnham have come out in support of him. Clearly they have lost all sense of reality bearing in mind the number of deaths due to neglect that have come to light.
I shake my head and reiterate thank goodness that we still have Julie Bailey and her associates who still remind us that there is a human face behind this issue.  People died unnecessarily and somebody was responsible!  Apologies are not enough!


GrumpyRN said...

I watched his performance on the news and spent the entire time shouting and swearing at him. I cannot understand how he can possibly say that he is the right man for the job he is doing. He has proven at a lower level that money, targets and government policy are much more important than peoples lives - perhaps that's why government like him and won't sack him. What happened to personal responsibility and self pride?

bryboy said...

Hi GRN nice to hear from you! I keep repeating it but it is the truth that the EU is behind all our problems and ALL our front line politicians are the paid servants of the bankers who set up the EU.

Witness Hague and his rhetoric on Syria. When did we hear that before?

Nicholson is a paid up servant of the bankers and so are all the front line politicians. That is why they are supporting him. He is their guy so he won't go unless we, the public, seriously starting putting pressure on them. Most however sit back and say 'What can I do?' but Julie Bailey did not!

At present Julie Bailey is a small acorn but she is a very determined acorn! Regards mate.

MrMister said...

He's able to hold on to his post because he has no principles. Remember, this is a man that started out as a member of the Communist Party. Predictably, this brought him nowhere fast, but his career gained speed when he started kissing Conservative butt in the 80's. After that he did Labour's bidding before he at the present time is willing to help the Conservatives with the total destruction of the NHS. A typical Civil Servant. It goes to prove that if you're willing to act like shit you don't need talent.

bryboy said...

I couldn't put it better myself MM. Tks for your input.