Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Only U Turns but No Policies!

Once again this Coalition has U turned, this time on fuel tax. Are we surprised? They cannot agree on anything because the Conservative party and the LibDems are diametrically opposed in political thinking. Real Conservatives and they are in a minority in the Conservative Party, would never agree anything with the LibDems because the LibDems are these days further to the left than New Labour.

When will we get policies which the public want? When will someone propose policies which will benefit the families of this country? Why do we always have to swallow the Ken Clarke rhetoric which continually awards prisoners for committing crime. Today they are getting jobs whilst serving sentences! What!?

What about all the people who don't commit crime and want to work? Do they have to commit a crime to get a job Mr Clarke? This one man, a servant of the Bilderbergers, who has probably made a fortune out of his insider knowledge on the economy, continues to blight our society. His proposals never, ever, benefit the public because his life has been dedicated to ruining the country of his birth.

Ken Clarke almost legitimises the 'T' word. The political world have mostly sold their own country down the drain. They have hitched their banner to the European bandwagon and come hell or high water it will succeed...even though all the participating countries (except Germany) have had their economies ruined.

I rest my case!

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