Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Vladimir Putin...Saviour of Democracy?

A Saviour of Democracy?
Once you get onto the trail of the bankers, the New World Order and the extremes of their behaviour then the world becomes a different place. OK I agree that I know nothing, that I have no input and that anything I have to say is pure conjecture. But what is that point of a blog if you cannot speculate? Looking back however my track record is not too bad. Did I not warn about Barack Obama? Did I not wonder the consequences if Gordon Brown got his sums wrong?

So today we have the situation in Syria. You will by now know that I believe that Syria is under attack from bankers who want to add to their world domination. Since 9/11 they have annexed Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. There is also conflict in the Sudan which we rarely hear about but the next prize is Syria.

The western 'democracies' who are all under the influence of the international bankers are pushing for international intervention. They are pushing to invade a country purely on the grounds that their paymasters want to establish a Central Bank. In order to achieve that state they appear prepared to commit any atrocity imaginable. 

In this case however, someone is preventing the ultimate advance. Step forward Vladimir Putin, President of Russia. He is refusing to allow the corporatocracies permission to invade Syria. Steadfastly he refuses to support a United Nations Security Council proposal (or something) and at the moment he is being joined by the Chinese. Just perhaps they have realised that world domination by the western bankers is not such a good idea for Russia...or even China.

It would be ironic if western democracy could be saved by a Russian President who is portrayed by the western media largely as an ogre. Well that is the western media for you but then they are all owned by the 'bankers' and their own moguls.

Could it be that our western 'freedom' will be saved by a Russian President who will face up to the so called New World Order. Well perhaps but I am not holding my breath. Somehow money always seems to talk. For confirmation ask almost all the Westmonster front benches on both sides of the political spectrum. 

They all know the value of money even when it has been overprinted and manipulated to the point of a possible total breakdown. One day it will happen! In the meantime please watch the puppets demand an invasion of Syria. I won't name them but just watch the News.

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