Saturday, 16 June 2012

Is World War Three on the Horizon?

Map of Syria
There are scraps of information appearing in the press regarding the situation in Syria which when isolated do not seem to mean very much but when combined are adding up to a potentially dangerous scenario.

If the superpowers continue their policies of brinkmanship then there is every possibility that WW 3 could be an outcome. Too many massive influences are interfering and congregating around Syria.

One one side we have Obama and the Bankers (Israel) arming the 'rebel' forces and the western European countries will inevitably be called to support the American effort. That means us folks!

On the other side there are already reports that thousands of Iranian troops are assisting the Assad regime and now Russia wants to 'protect its assets' in Syria. The potentially dangerous scenario is summed up here.

You will note that China is standing by but there appears to be no evidence that they will support a United Nations motion calling for armed intervention in Syria. It would appear that what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya will not be allowed to happen in Syria.

If the bankers continue, with the assistance of their tame politician President Obama, their efforts to open a Central Bank in Syria, I wonder just how far Russia, China and Iran will go to stop them?

Finally you will also notice how our politicians continue to prattle on about local events and are failing to warn us of this potentially explosive situation. As each day passes the extent to which the bankers have got their claws into our political establishment becomes more evident and more alarming.


Anonymous said...

If you can get a copy of the BBC program "Threads" the whole scenario is there. It was made in the 80`s.

bryboy said...

Tks anon I will try and follow your tip' We never stop learning. Your interest appreciated.

Bill d'Sarse said...

Here you go.

bewick said...

Yep Bryboy I DO think that WW3 is on the horizon. It is likely to be one between the West and Islam once the Caliphate is re-established which may well be very soon. We, the west, have facilitated that with unintelligent and suicidal intervention.
The West has the rather greater military power but Islam largely controls the oil which may, just, cancel out the advantage.
Whilst I accept that bankers, Bilderberg,Common Purpose, et al, may well have interests and rather more power than justified I'm still not prepared to accept the "conspiracy theories" in toto.
That would require some considerable co-operation and I very much doubt that all the actors have the intelligence, and guile, of Machiavelli. Humans in any case cannot help pursuing THEIR particular goal.
I may be wrong but I have personally SEEN the divisions in action. One trades union has the motto "united we stand". Quite true but CAN we be united?

bewick said...

A PS. It could be argued that we were "united" during 1939 to 1945 YET we had strikes of workers during that time - united? Workers striking when the country was in peril? Beggars belief but it happened.

bryboy said...

Tks Bill I had already read up about it but never thought to look on Youtube!

Hi Bewick, on this issue I think it is rather more than a conspiracy theory. It is a little more concrete than Priness Diana or Madeleine McCann. The History of the Rothschilds is being played out yet again in this modern era. As ever I am prepared to be challenged and happy to be so but I am concerned that our politicians, having seen the aftermath of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are preparing us for further action in SYria. Someone keeps prodding them with a sharp stick and somebody with a lot of money keeps arming 'the rebels'.

bewick said...

Bryboy. As I said the West's interventions - Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and even Bosnia, WAS unintelligent and suicidal.
The conspiracies? Well I stick to my point that NONE of the actors is likely to have the IQ to maintain.
I'm happy to disagree and also happy to concede if you manage to prove your point. IF they are all as intelligent as you think then you will never manage that. My money is still on some "breaking ranks" but that really isn't in evidence so far.
If there really was a conspiracy then someone really would have "broken rank". I left LG before Common Purpose became a force. I CAN tell you that few in LG had the intelligence, or the "shut mouth", to maintain total secrecy.

Common Purpose IS, in my view, pernicious, but unlikely to have had too much effect. I HAVE attended training courses with colleagues. Pretty well all that was taught, by Durham University in the main, was totally forgotten within 6 weeks by most. Changed nothing.
Been there, seen that.
I revel in presenting an alternative view and sorry that it seems to offend you. Just saying

bryboy said...

No offence taken Bewick. I think intelligent debate is what it is all about. If we saw more of it in the HOC I would have more respect for them. If one is well read and done research then it is likely there will be points of debate. Always pleased to hear from you. I welcome your alternative views and you made a good point.

bryboy said...

I have just watched 'Threads'! Please God let me go first!! How anyone can contemplate this kind of mass destruction is beyond my understanding. Not even the super rich would escape this so...can we not have a little more debate and a lot less force. Can our current PM forget war? I would not mind if he reduced our troop levels if he would stop making them fight! why oh why is it always the British army that has to fight the wars for the European Union?

bewick said...

You prompted me to watch Threads. Must have missed it in 1984. Quite apart from engendering the fear that I remember feeling in the 50s/60s I also noticed some stark differences between then and now.
1. The cooling towers which used to be alongside the M1 have gone.
2. Most engineering and steel production and associated industries (the cutlers) have gone.
3. The Chief Exec of Sheffield City Council more closely resembled a traditional Town Clerk than you will see today and the local politicians were somewhat absent - now they'd be demanding to be in charge however poor their skills.
4.Hardly a black or brown face in sight. Today? Well there's a bl**** great mosque just south of Sheffield Station.

Sheffield used to be within my hinterland and it is stone's throw from my beloved Peak District.
How things change and in so short a time.