Sunday, 24 June 2012

Another Look at Bilderberg

I have often posted that the driving force behind this blog was that I had lost my voice. My vote counted for nothing and yet I could detect a malign force alive and well and hell bent on destroying my country. It was, in my opinion, inexplicable that our politicians were encouraging half the world to descend on my country without setting up the infrastructure to deal with the invasion.

I could not understand how we could exchange a Conservative government (Major) for a Labour government (Blair) and nothing changed. I could not understand how a group of unelected commissars (The European Union) could usurp our legal system and nobody protested. On the surface, for the benefit of the general public, we still had aWestminster parliament but clearly it now had limited power.

The public at that time were still ignorant of Common Purpose and Bilderberg and other instruments that a global power group were using to unhinge our democratic process. Clearly some of our leading politicians were not batting for Britain. My problem was discovering who could and could not be trusted?

This led me into a new language. Politicians often use a different language to mask their activities and that was when I stumbled upon the word 'modernisation'. Almost all of our leading politicians described themselves as 'modernisers' which meant that all three of our major political parties were working on an agenda to change the demography of the country. I did not want my country to change but it was being forced upon me.

This set me on a course of trying to discover the prime movers behind the changes that we have see in this country. The idiocy of the legal system, the dumbing down of education, the unfairness of the benefits system and the politicisation of the Police and the Civil Service.

It has led me to this video. It is a bit long winded at times but the subject of it has a lot to answer for and it exposes the influence of Bilderberg in this country, the link to the European Union and a few of the British politicians who have let us all down.

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