Friday, 22 June 2012

Listen to the Public Mr Miliband!

So far, far too late Ed Miliband has decided that the British public was correct in opposing the mass immigration policies that his party, under the leadership of Messrs Blair and Brown, imposed on us all. He is now declaring that it was all an error of judgement, a mistake and something that he now regrets!

Too late you clown! We have been invaded by a motley foreign army and there are no records of who is here and who should be here. There is absolutely no record of the numbers who were allowed to invade these islands and take up residence using our education facilities, our NHS and our benefits system.

The people who should have been dealing with the problem...the Civil Service were conveniently politicised by Tony Blair and dumbed down by Gordon Brown. The Home Office actively collaborated in the invasion which changed the demography of our country forever as it was intended to do.

Ed Miliband was complicit in all of this so do not let him tell you that he now thinks it was a mistake. IT IS TOO LATE! Every nation benefits from the talents of other nations but no nation can recover from a mass, unchecked, unregistered invasion of anybody regardless of background as New Labour encouraged and insisted upon. 

We now have prisons filled with criminals that we imported. We now have a huge burden upon our welfare and education systems. We now have a housing crisis which is unprecedented and unavoidable. These people have to sleep somewhere! My question is that why do some people in government insist that we ruin our national beauty to accommodate people who are only here to claim benefits.

I know that I can (will) be regarded as a grumpy old man but we grumpy old men have seen a thing or two. We have always paid our way and we have fought our wars and we have always been patriotic. That is the crux of my post.

Last night I watched Question Time on BBC and no matter how much I watched I could not help wondering how Ken Clarke can possibly claim to be a Conservative? Clearly Nick Clegg does not bat for Britain and the public know it so who actually bats for Britain? 

If Ed Miliband is kosher, which of course I will never believe, then just perhaps he should listen to the public. He could learn a thing or two. But then if he acted on public opinion he would not be a politician! The Political Class is actively ruining our lives. But then that is my next post.....

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