Saturday, 9 June 2012


One again it is difficult to understand why the western media are accepting the propaganda emanating from Syria without proof. The BBC and all the mainstream media outlets are accusing the Assad regime of committing atrocities but the stories have not been backed up. Nobody appears to know who or what are committing grizzly detailed murders because as far as I know bodies have not been found yet.

Now comes a story from a Channel Four journalist that he was deliberately led into an ambush by rebel forces because 'dead journos are bad for Damascus'.  Clearly the rebel forces are also disingenuous. The link I have posted from the Daily Mail is lengthy but I think the comments from readers are very interesting. Not everyone believes the barrage of anti Assad propaganda spewing out from leading politicians and media outlets. There are two sides to these stories and we are only hearing one side. I wonder why?

I think people who read history and have the ability to think independently are rapidly coming to the conclusion that many of the American and western European EU supporting politicians are actually puppets acting for a villainous regime. Unfortunately the free thinkers are too few in number thanks to the dumbing down of western education.


bewick said...

and here is Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday
The truth seeps out of Syria

bryboy said...

Yes as usual Peter Hitchens thinks outside of the box. I believe this Syria campaign is exposing the politicians and bankers for what they are. It has happened all too often. The people carrying out the 'murders' have been imported to cause trouble. Nobody seems to know who they are!

SAB said...

Agree, a cracking story by Peter. Shame this side of the story never gets broadcast on the mainstream news channels. Kind of what I suspected though.