Monday, 25 June 2012

The Welfare System

I think that the working public are sick of the scroungers who live a good life on the welfare system and are never challenged by the government. They know the system, their entitlements and how to survive very nicely on what many of us consider far too much money! Many of them are immigrants.

There is a train of thought that some politicians have engineered this drain on the welfare system to further their political aims. They want western societies to be bankrupted and that is why politically we seem to be unable to tackle the problem. Nobody has the political will to challenge the system.

The Labour party abjectly allowed this scandal to swell and prosper. The LibDems also support the Welfare Class and encourage the unemployed and the sick, lame and lazy to sponge off the state. 

Before I go further let me categorically state that I will go to the ends of the earth to support those who are genuinely in need. Our current system however threatens these genuine cases and allows the fit but sleazy to escape undetected. These are the people that we must track down and identify. We could do this easily if we had the political will to instruct the Job Centres and the Benefits agencies to make it a priority!

So when our Conservative Prime Minister announces plans to tackle the problem you will forgive me for doubting his integrity. Of course this cannot happen until after 2015 because of the Coalition so he is blatantly electioneering. Remember this is the same guy who promised us a referendum on the EU and then reneged on almost every manifesto promise he made at the last election. 

Here we go again. He knows what the public want so he vaguely promises to address it. He gets the headlines but has absolutely no intention of following through. The people who wield the power meet at the Bilderberg meetings and would never allow our PM to go off message. 

So my message is don't believe this Political Class. They routinely lie because they serve masters that the rest of us do not have access to. Occasionally they slip up and leave clues. The clues always lead to the same result. David Cameron could sort out the welfare farce at a stroke. David Cameron and Iain Duncan-Smith keep hinting that they have everything under control. They have no intention of changing anything.

At Question Time last Thursday the arrogant Ken Clarke sneered at the proposals of Michael Gove to improve education. He more or less stated that he and Nick Clegg were in charge and nothing would change. That is our challenge. We must weed out these imposters and servants of  Bilderberg and vote them out like they did in Iceland.

Electorally we are limited in our choice. Only the big three have sufficient money to flood the field with candidates. They also own the media and the banks and the corporate authorities. Up against that we have Nigel Farage (UKIP) and Nick Griffin (BNP). Clearly the mainstream media will tell you that they are unelectable. The trouble is that if we don't elect them we will get more of Ken Clarke, Ed Balls and the core of the Bilderberger servants who are in thrall to the New World Order. It is almost like Christianity against Satanism. Think about it!

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