Friday, 15 June 2012

How many More?

Today yet another soldier was killed in Afghanistan. It is now almost a daily occurrence and yet nobody can explain what on earth our troops are doing there. The Americans have actually taken our troops out of the worst area because we could not cope.

The British Army is being reduced by the Coalition at every level. That is incorrect because the British Forces are being reduced by the banker supporting Coalition because it would under normal circumstances be a thorn in the flesh of 'modernisation'. 

When I was a soldier I knew that I could expect a decent pension for my service. Yes I knew that my military service would impact on my family but eventually we would be compensated. I reckon that now almost nobody gets through to decent pensionable age.

My generation advanced on the Falklands and contained Northern Ireland. We are now old men but we rarely faced the kind of adverse conditions that our lads and lassies are facing in Afghanistan. They are now on a hiding to nothing because they are not fighting for the country...they are fighting for the ambitions of the bankers. 

We used to fight for Queen and Country but it does not have the same resonance if you are fighting for the Central bank of Rothschild (ask the Syrians)!  We have been at war in various disguises since the 1990's ever since Tony Blair (amazingly) and George Bush formed a 'partnership'. Since then our country has been continually at war. 

Our servicemen have been offered up as sacrificial lambs. WE have become the mercenaries of the banking world. They are now setting up the next coup for their masters.  

The army was a really great life but if you are being used as cannon fodder with no guarantee of a future then get real! Do not do it! It is really nice to have your name read out in the House of Commons by guys who don't give a flying fig for you but if you have been blown to bits only your family and friends mourn!

It is now clear that the Coalition and their banking friends have decided on a policy which will ultimately destroy the British Army. It will become a mercenary force at the behest of the bankers. Our forces are being cut back year after year and our compliant population/press/parliament/ care not a jot.

It is however still OK for our toxic politicians to pretend to care in Westmonster every Wednesday at PM's Question Time when they routinely announce the names of the dead and care not a jot for the families of those that they have killed for their bankers' ambitions.

They do not reward former soldiers with opportunities to feed their families or even to recover from their wartime experiences. The politicians are actually heartless when it come to ex-servicemen. The word seems to be if they were daft enough to risk their life for a daft cause then they deserve what they get! They really don't care! Why else has Royal Wootton Bassett disappeared from the scene? What happens now? Do any of you know? No it has disappeared because they were ashamed of the bodies continually being paraded through the streets. It exposes them to the consequences of a war which does nothing for this country.

Our politicians are ALL in the pay of the Banking Class and our military are the sacrificial lambs. Look out for the next announcement that out banking sponsored military force will soon enter Syria as the banking authorities demand another victory.

Only Cuba, North Korea and the Sudan would be left without a central bank then.

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