Monday, 11 June 2012

Syria and the Puppets!

It is all so predictable! Now William Hague, our Foreign Secretary, is advocating that we intervene in Syria as we did in Bosnia! They are cranking up the pressure day after day. Hague, who is increasingly looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a stunt that he cannot control, is fulfilling my prediction.

It is inevitable because the banking fraternity have decided that Syria must come under central control and they will make it happen regardless of the consequences. It has happened so often! Our troops will now be turned into the role of mercenaries at the behest of bankers.

I do not deny that there is a problem in Syria. I just dispute who has caused it. Libya was a stable society until the bankers decided that they wanted in. It might not have been perfect but from what I read it is now a disaster area. Iraq was also in their own way stable until the western alliances intervened. Afghanistan does not need or want our interference. All three are tribal societies who cannot recognise our style of government. Perhaps their societies, which have existed for centuries, are better than our society where bankers are allowed to corrupt every aspect of government.

In the States President Obama is now preparing for the final assault and once again our military are the mercenaries. Our troops are being used as mercenaries for the ambitions of the bankers. 

The actions of our politicians and press are being daily exposed at the Leveson Inquiry where they are now reduced to accusing each other of lying on oath. They have all been corrupted by money and power! Their world is beginning to crumble as country after country in the EU begs for help. They are all destitute because of the avarice of the bankers. Nobody will reform the banks because they are all in thrall of their paymasters.

I will say it again and again. We must divorce ourselves from the EU. We must not believe the mainstream media (in particular the abject BBC) AND at the earliest opportunity we must never again give a single vote to Lab/Lib/Con! Very few of our MPs are independently minded. Far too many have been bought and paid for by bankers and their corrupt system. 

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