Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Leveson Inquiry

We seem to have been beleaguered by inquiries and committees since the start of the year. Almost all of our leading political, police and press representatives have been questioned about their integrity. Time after time resignations have been tendered and even now resignations and even jail sentences are facing some of those who have been forced to admit their indiscretion.

The whole political structure in this country is rotten to the core and the public know it. At every inquiry the dodgy, so called elite, are rolled out and their dodgy secrets are exposed. First of all the Met police lost not only their commissioner but also their 'star performer' Yates of the Yard who was so cosy with everybody he would never have achieved a conviction. No wonder the cash for peerages investigation died a death.

Then we have the Leveson Inquiry where clearly people are lying on oath. Well I reckon that most of them are but Gordon Brown was hilarious! Almost every political journalist was gasping at his evidence. This man who, at the behest of the Labour Party actually became the Prime Minister of this country gave the performance of a lifetime. Of course we all understand that he or his cohorts NEVER briefed against Tony Blair.

I have blogged about Gordon Brown on many occasions but now I must confess that I am of the opinion that he is a sick man. The problem is that the establishment does not challenge him. He is allowed to spout his nonsense (as is Tony Blair) because they aspired to be Prime Minister of the UK. 

Many people believe that Tony Blair is a war criminal and yet he is never challenged.  He attends inquiry after inquiry and yet he smoothes his way through and NOBODY gives him a hard time. He must have many powerful friends.

So onto the position of the Culture Minister, Jeremy Hunt, another public schoolboy in league with News International who our current PM is trying to keep in position because after Mr Hunt he is next in line for the firing squad.  Of course at PM's Question Time we don't have any national problems. 

They ignore the problems of our financial system, the state of our forces and our membership of the EU. So at PM's Question Time Labour led on the position of the Culture Minister! Wow! How narcisstic is that? When will they deliberate the problems in Syria? When do we challenge our relationship with Europe? When will they challenge the Justice Traitor  Minister on his ridiculous sentencing and the ludicrous practice of tagging is exposed as being yet another example of weak justice.

Tagged criminals are routinely relaxing their tags  to continue their criminal activities and nobody is catching them. They are being allowed to continue with their lives when they should actually be in jail. Criminals are being bailed when they should be jailed. We all know it but then Ken Clarke has an agenda to bring the society of this country down. Time after time this member of the steering committee of Bilderberger is installed into key positions where he can do maximum damage. 

When David Cameron appointed Ken Clarke to the position of Justice Minister then I immediately realised that David Cameron was a wrong 'un! Nobody who has the welfare of the British public at heart would ever, ever, appoint Ken Clarke to any position of authority. David Cameron is NOT  a Conservative and neither is Ken Clarke. They have been elected on a false premise but then so have so many others.


bewick said...

Bryboy. Just discovered that the newly formed British Freedom Party has a plan
Interesting, but clearly so far undeveloped. Then again a preponderance of minor parties each with a generally similar agenda but with one or two unique "show stoppers" means they won't succeed. The sheeple will still support the current crooks. We live in times which start to mimic the "rotten boroughs". High time for a Cromwell

bryboy said...

Since I began this blog my friend I have seen many 'green shoot' parties/movements but they all eventually flounder. The only person who does not flounder is Nigel Farage and that is why I have hitched myself to his banner. UKIP is in my opinion the ONLY credible alternative to the big three (which should be the big ONE). It is 'modernisation' against the British public. The trouble is that the British people are generally so conditioned, so ignorant and so compliant that they are treated with contempt. Unfortunately it is the difference between private education and comprehensive education which is under the control of the public service unions. One is very good and one is very bad so those who profit from a very good education are hardly likely to improve the sub standard education. The problem is that, if they don't, then the whole country will suffer.