Sunday, 3 June 2012

Oh come on now Mr Cameron!

There comes a time in modern politics when the politicians want me to forget all the common sense that I have built up over the years. If you listen to this crowd of what Lord Sugar might describe as 'schmoosers' (spelling) then I sometimes just shake my head.  So let me reappraise the BSkyB situation using what we know are facts. First of all the LibDem Minister in charge of the BSkyB bid was Vince Cable who proved himself to be the silly old man by being stitched up by a couple of young, female,Tory journalists!

He was instantly replaced by Jeremy Hunt. It was a quick decision taken by a PM who has already demonstrated extensively links to the Murdoch Empire. First of all News International switched their support from New Labour to the Conservatives following the election of David Cameron to the leadership of the Conservative party. OK it did not take a genius to realise that politically Gordon Brown was a loser but David Cameron then owed the Murdoch Empire a huge favour.

They wanted their bid to succeed and of all the candidates it has subsequently transpired that Jeremy Hunt was an avid supporter of the Murdoch Empire. If you want a fair decision he was clearly almost the last person that should have been selected.

Perhaps David Cameron did not know how close Jeremy Hunt was to News International but that is somehow difficult to believe. David Cameron is almost a paid up member of News International! He employed their former phone hacking guru Andy Coulson as his Chief of Staff and is 'best friends' with Charlie Brooks who happily is married to the former editor of the News of the World ...Rebekah!

So...if the bid was in trouble thanks to good old Vince and his two glamorous journalists then did Dave not need a safe pair of hands to ensure that 'justice' was done? Step forward Jeremy who is so 'Murdoch' orientated that he is 'almost' on the payroll. That embarrassing E-Mail stating 'only Ofcom to go' should have instantly disqualified him from any subsequent involvement in the process. He was nakedly biased.

The PM is now in the altogether. His judgement has been stripped bare and he is relying on his charisma and oratory skills to win the day. Slowly this Coalition is unravelling but then every government since Margaret Thatcher has unravelled because they are all living a lie. All the politicians who are beholding to the corporatocracies (multi nationals like News International) currently fill every front bench position.

What the Leveson Enquiry has illustrated is that we cannot trust our front bench politicians. They are all too close to big business. They all have agendas which conflict with public opinion. There is a huge, rotten, cabal operating at the heart of our political process which needs to be reversed. The problem is that it is so huge, so all encompassing that it probably cannot be reversed. 

Once Syria falls and it now seems inevitable that Assad will go the same way as Saddam and Ghadafi then only North Korea and Cuba remain before the bankers have control of the world. I read that American special forces are already embedded in North Korea.  My concern about the Leveson Enquiry is that it will eventually be used to suppress the freedom of the press. I do blether on don't I?

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