Tuesday, 19 June 2012

As Usual Nigel Farage is Right!

A little while back I posted that Iceland had recovered from their 2008 disaster because they had abandoned the euro and the European Union and reverted to home rule. For reasons that I cannot understand Greece appears to be unable to contemplate life without the European Union even when it has already ruined their lives?

I know they were sold the European Union as an easy life that we the Brits and the Germans would pay for and so they retired early and failed to pay their taxes. Now Greeks are apparently starving and their economy is in tatters. At this point in their history Icelanders kicked out their serving government, dispersed with the universal bankers and elected their own government from people who had not been influenced (corrupted) by their previous administration.

Now Iceland is surviving without the help of the EU and I am not the only person to articulate this scenario. It is now quite clear that the EU is a busted flush. Their dream of a false socialist republic imprisoning the population of all the western European countries as they did in the previous Soviet bloc is crumbling. 

Now it is announced that Spain and Italy will also require enormous bailouts and so it continues. I just wonder where all these billions are coming from. Apparently they are talking about £400 billion pounds!!  It is a fantasy figure! Surely one day reality must kick in and the politicians will realise that this economic/political/socialist experiment has failed (like it did in the USSR).

Is it not about time that the world realised that socialists only spend money. They do not know how to make it. They have ruined the economies of every western European economy and when it is all done we will face a further struggle against a new enemy... Islam.

The EU distraction is about to fail. Then suddenly we will discover that in the midst of every country of the 'former' EU partners there exists a strong Islamic group which has seized local power whilst the rest of us were worrying about Con/Lab/Lib.  George Galloway is already backing the right horse and he is not a fool. He is possibly not backing Britain but then how many of our mainstream politicians are?

When the EU experiment eventually fails (and it will) then be prepared for the next power battle. Now that all the EU countries are broke (apart from Germany) who do we look to for finance? I will leave you to work it out.  Just saying!

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