Sunday, 31 August 2008

Jack Straw with Emily Maitlis!

I was almost on my feet cheering at the way Emily Maitlis did not allow Jack Straw to dominate the interview on the Andrew Marr Show this morning in the way that Andrew Marr would have done. Something tells me that Emily had not read the script. The script normally reads that Andrew feeds Jack a soft question then lets him waffle on for the next ten minutes making fatuous point after fatuous point until he runs out of breath.

Andrew then feeds him another line and Jack gets free air time to babble on about how successful NoLab has been until we cannot stand it any more.

Emily didn't know that this was the procedure because she kept interrupting the 'Justice' Secretary and asking him to answer the question. What did NoLab intend to do to ease the pain of the credit crunch? AhHa now that is a good question and Jack knew the answer but he wasn't going to tell us the voters. You see it is a secret known only to the great and the good. Gordon you see has a plan which he will announce when he deems it the right time. This sounds a bit like his vision for the future which caused him to cancel the phantom election shortly after he eased into Tony Blair' seat.

The PM has huge ambition and very limited ability which just about sums up the whole of the NoLab posturing crew. Have we ever had a more self serving, ideological, money squandering cabinet than this crowd? I cannot think of one policy which this bunch have initiated which remotely benefits the public at large. Everything is designed to promote their own pathetic, personal well being.

Well enjoy it you sods because it won't last long now. The Glenrothes By-Election will no doubt shame you again. OK... it won't shame you into calling a general election because why throw away another couple of years of ruining the economy and stealing money from the public purse for your own personal gain?

I just hope that when you are gone for good, never to be seen again, that someone finds out what you have done and that you all end up in the dock. I do realise that there is a lot of protection for people like you at the top end and that the Tories will support your attempt to beat the rap but one day somebody of integrity will emerge from this country and expose all of you.

In the meantime can we have the Emily Maitlis show? The problem is that NoLab would boycott it now that they know she is not an idiot!

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