Sunday, 24 August 2008

Derby County

Dear Paul Jewell(Manager of Derby County),

Sorry boss but after the Saturday show you cannot expect to have much time left. I can't put my finger on what the problem is but it is quite clear that this team, that you have personally put together, is being played off the park. Once again the problem is that they cannot pass the ball. That means that they lose possession and they are constantly under pressure. I have it on authority from a mate that Southampton have major problems and are relying on kids to get them our of trouble!

You have signed almost everybody and anybody but you cannot put a team on the park. The fans know that Ellington is better than Hulse but you insist on playing Hulse who you paid big bucks for and that is the problem.

We have one saving grace. We have two Aussies coming back from the Olympics who have done very well away from Pride Park and you. I reckon you need them so do the right thing and play them. After all you don't really have an alternative. After all Albrechtson is not doing so well, Connolly and Stewart haven't had a chance, Green cannot control a game, Commons flatters to deceive, Kazmierczak has disappointed, Pereplotkins was dropped after one game, Davies is still a kid, Dickinson has already been binned, Barazite didn't live up to his billing etc etc! That leaves only Roy Carroll as being worth his wages.

I cannot help but wonder what the problem is? Are you a manager or a conman? You give me the impression that you are a hardman capable of being a bully and so does your assistant Chris Hutchins. Players cannot play if they are scared. Why can't they pass the ball? Why can't they retain possession? What do you do in training?
All these players are good professionals so it must be you. Look at Lee Holmes who was cut adrift and yet came back to haunt us.

Where are our youth team graduates? Can you not spot a young player coming through? Is our academy so devoid of talent and if so why? Davis continues to lumber around the box losing a lot of aerial balls but we never see Nyatanga. So many questions but so few answers. Don't lose at Preston on Tuesday boss because that will really look bad. However, I doubt there is a single Rams Fan alive who seriously believe that the team that you have created will win that game. I hope that I am wrong... I really do.

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