Thursday, 28 August 2008

Arrested? They wanted to kill Gordon Brown!

Heh! I should really be scared. Now I know that terrorism is a very serious subject and we should all be alert to the possibility of a terrorist attack but being arrested for wanting to kill Gordon Brown? Is that really an offence? With tongue very much in cheek I have to say that there must be so many people in the frame for this crime!

Time to go Gordon before we get you. By the 'we' of course I mean the electorate but then Gordon won't ever stand for election. He will duck out before the inevitable and leave someone else to face the public.

Tony Blair was always worried about his legacy but Gordon Brown faces an electorate knowing that he has no legacy... nothing... disgust perhaps... possibly pity... but this man deserves nothing but contempt because he is a useless git who has contaminated all aspects of public life.

I realise that the people who were arrested today are my enemies alongside his but we have something in common. We all want rid of him!

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