Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Five Hundred Visitors!!

Very quickly I notice today that this BLOG has had 500 visitors! I cannot believe it and I thank you for your interest. Heh I am only doing this out of total frustration with the British political scene. I know that many of you do not agree with my views but you also agree with my right to express them.

As one gets older one has the experience to see the nonsense being perpetrated by the mystery people of today. Believe me someone has an agenda to bring this country down to the level that we will no longer have the respect of the rest of the world.

These people fund political parties with their vast wealth so they can fund mass immigration, political correctness, two wars for our army to fight and subservience to the European Union. Who would do such a thing?

Now that is for you to discover but I have just one candidate and his/her initials are RM.


Anonymous said...

Well done old chap, and have you ever considered trying poker for your gambling thrill?

I rarely bet on horses now but realy enjoy the odd game of cards

bryboy said...

I have been tempted but I am a cautious gambler and I remember from my youth that cards can sometimes lead to over committment! I once lost a running flush to another running flush and it took me three weeks to recover my losses!!