Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The Olympic Games

I am becoming a bit square eyed because I have become addicted to the Olympic Games. It happens every four years and I start watching sport which normally I wouldn't give a second glance. The difference is that this year we are winning lots and lots of medals and it is wonderful to see clean British athletes standing on top of the podium.

It got me thinking that how in this country which has recently been ruined by fifth rate politicians can we still produce wonderful young men and women who can beat the world. If you listen to Rebecca Addlington, Chris Hoy or even the Yngling girls it is the organisation behind them which has produced the gold medals. Yes they are the people who actually do the job but without the back up teams they would not be able to produce their best.

Now my point is who are these people? Who are the backroom staff who are so good at organisation and leadership that they can produce world beaters? Why can't we find them in politics? Why not put the running of the country in their hands? After all they must be reasonably honest because these days our sports people are tested to oblivion for their resistance to drugs (by the way have you noticed how the Russians have slipped down the medals table). They obviously have leadership qualities and they do not have allegiance to anyone other that those who wish to benefit this country.

So everyone how about Jurgen Groebbler for Prime Minister?! (PS He is the Head Coach of Rowing!). By the way our PM is about to hit Beijing to bask in the reflected glory of our sports people who have done so well. That great blogger Guido Fawkes continually casts our PM as a Jonah beyond parallel. I surely hope not because he didn't arrive for Christine Ohourugu but he might be there for Phillips Oduwu!

UPDATE: Phillips Oduwu got the silver, Goldie Sayers placed fourth in the woman's javelin and our relay team got disqualified!! AAAGH! I'm not even sure that he is there yet he may just be on his way!!

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