Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Sinister Links to Sinister Groups

I have believed for many months now that there are sinister goings on at the heart of government in these modern times. No fair minded person can ignore the conduct or the inactivity of this government when it concerns crime, education or immigration.
It is appalling that children cannot play safely in our streets. It is appalling that our useless police refuse to respond to local crime and it is appalling that the exam grades continue to rise year upon year to such an extent that they have now become meaningless.

This sometimes appears to be a concentrated effort to destroy the youth of the country because we now have unprecedented violence on our streets and nobody seems to know what to do about it. Well that is wrong we all know what should be done but we have a government who refuses to acknowledge the problem never mind react to it. We are involved in two unnecessary wars which have the effect of neutering our armed forces which woiuld be very convenient if we ever have any problems at home. 24 hour drinking, homes for single mothers, mountains of debt for students, contraceptives for kids... it is a depressing catalogue of the young being encouraged to be irresponsible. It shows too. Whenever any of them appear in front of a camera their ignorance of anything of consequence is so often all too evident.

All these thought have been with me for some time and I must admit I sometimes wonder if I am becoming paranoid but then a BLOG called Christian World has come up with a link that I believe is really sinister. Apparently the former National Council for Civil Liberties (now Liberty) had links with paedophiles. They had at one time representatives of paedophile groups on the Council and members of the current government worked with them. MP's like Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt were once prominent members of the NCCL and were actively involved with the paedophile groups and so I pose the question why? What possible reason could the National Council for Civil Liberties have for engaging with paedophiles? Why give them any platform whatsoever? No wonder our kids are under threat. When members of the government have links to groups like this then what is their agenda?

I am also mindful that Margaret Hodge MP, the Minister for Children and wife of Lord Hodge who just happens to head our pathetic Immigration effort, was linked to an horrendous scandal in the 1990's when she was in charge of Islington Borough Council. She ignored complaints from abused kids and then added insult to injury by questioning the motives of some of the people abused!

Is this also the reason that we are being forced into recognising the existence of same sex liaisons. I personally have no problems with adults who prefer same sex relations but I abhor their practice and I do not want it shoved in my face. I am in
complete agreement with the Christian groups who insist that it is an unnatural practice. Yes I know that some people prefer it that way and I also know that there are people in our society who have absolutely no self control. It doesn't matter to them whether it be men, women or children and they are the monsters who we have to protect our children from.

It really concerns me that members of our political class have in their past aligned themselves to those engaged in unnatural acts because that means that their heads are not in contact with reality. I now await for books on homosexual practice to emerge in our schools and then I will know our kids are being attacked!


lcfc said...

I don't know how long you have lived in Loughborough, but it feels safer than i've ever known it to be.

The children are also much more polite than when I was a whipper.

But I also loathe the political classes.

bryboy said...

I respect your opinion but my daughter will not let her girls out
of her sight and neither will any of her friends. The kids of today cannot play in the freedom that I had. I have lived in L'boro for over 20 years. My mates are all L'boro born and bred and they tell me that they played out all day without a problem. That cannot happen today. Tks for your interest.