Sunday, 31 August 2008

Derby County

I am really in pain! Yet another defeat this time to a team which, previously had lost every match, ensures that we now at the bottom of the league again. The reports state that we dominated the game but Barnsley scored the goals. No excuses this team has real morale problems and that is the fault of the manager.

Last week a player defied the manager and was so desperate to leave the club that he crept into the kit room, removed his boots and went to Marseilles for a trial! The manager retaliates by saying that he will never play for the club again! That is obviously precisely what he wants. Why is this happening I ask time and time again?

What is wrong with this club that we constantly hear that the management and the players are continually in strife? Where is the harmony, the confidence and the team spirit which binds good teams together. Paul Jewell (the Manager) seems to have lost the plot. No team can go so long without winning a game without the management taking some share of the blame. I don't want to know how well he did at Wigan when he was much younger. I want to know why he cannot pick a winning team.

Let me help him. When a player is as short on confidence as Rob Hulse is then rest him. I know the manager paid out a lot of money for the fourth choice striker at Sheffield United but he must accept the obvious. Our hardest working striker is Wayne Ellington - play him!

Kris Commons was know at Nottingham Forest as flattering to deceive. He is talented but he is not producing a decisive cutting edge. Give him an ultimatum: get goals or get out!

If you are going to sign a youngster from Arsenal who has come to a team at the bottom of the league then play him! If he doesn't come off then fair enough but give him a chance. There are still players on the books who haven't played a game this season who two years ago got promotion from this very same league.

This is your team Mr Jewell but the club belongs to the fans. If you are not up to the job then go before we drop any further. I am still behind you but only because I love the club. Surely even you have to concede that almost one whole year without a league win is getting beyond a joke and most of it lies at your door.

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