Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The Political Class

A few years ago I started to read a book written by Edwina Currie which I found in a holiday apartment. Let's face it when we are lying on a beach with minds in neutral we will read almost anything and I soon regretted my decision.

This stupid woman had written a book about a British government creating a political class which had elevated itself above the general public to such an extent that they were actually unaccountable. Now of course I did not finish the book because it seemed so lacking in realism. Surely nothing like that could happen in this country? Well I am afraid to say that we are now all a lot wiser and I also wish that I had finished the book!

There are now reports that this discredited and frankly embarrassing government are trying to ensure that any events which would discredit or embarrass them are to be held in courts which will ban all public intrusion. I tell you what they will never ever get the message! They lose election after election mainly because they have been absolutely rumbled by the public but Brown and his cohorts do not ("I am listening to the public") ever listen to the public!!

They never listen to the public because their agenda is so contrary to democratic principles and they/we all know it. Gordon Brown is a busted flush but unfortunately he can still do so much damage to the country before the coward eventually goes to an election. They all know that they will be wiped out when they eventually give us a vote (I bet he gets out before any election). That night I await for his humiliation with relish BUT what will that leave us with?

What will they try next? I will probably not live to see the antics of this bunch exposed but we all know what has happened. They are trying to create a political class which the public cannot penetrate.

Apparently forty four police officers will give evidence anonimously at the inquest of the death of Jean Claude Menezes, the Brazilian erroneously shot dead by misled police officers. The person in charge on the day was Cressida Dick who apparently has since been promoted thus exhonerting her of any blame on the day that this poor fellow was blasted to death by officers who believed he was a terrorist. Press reports suggest that she was in competent, giving incoherent commands over the radio but then is that her fault? If she is one of the political class of police officers who have been promoted purely on the grounds that they will slavishly follow NoLab doctrine then what do you expect?

This bunch of neurotic ideologists have killed education in this country. They have ruined law and order to the extent that murder is now routine on our streets. Our children cannot play on the streets for fear that some paedophile will abduct them without any fear of the consequences. There are no consequences for the evil. They are indulged, pampered, understood, cossetted and consequently they have no respect for the law.

Don't tell me that this is not deliberate! The powers that be could change this at a stroke but they refuse to protect the public. It is quite, quite, deliberate and someone is to blame!! Get real folks we are being let down by the political class and perhaps Edwina Currie had a point...but I will never know because I didn't finish her book!


Anonymous said...

You said..."but Brown and his cohorts do not ("I am listening to the public") ever listen to the public!!" And guess what? Cameron also says..."Your views are important. Make them count with the Conservatives. Contact us by email. Conservatives are tackling the issues that matter to the mainstream majority. We can do that because we are listening to Britain -- and will never stop listening." Nope, they will NEVER stop listening, they will just ignore what they hear, ALL of them!

bryboy said...

We are on the same hymn sheet because I do not believe that voting Tory will improve the lot of Mr and Mrs Normal. You know the person who is law abiding,tax paying,family orientated,hard working, honest citizen and therefore is frankly just ignored by the political class! We are only there to prop up and support their efforts to eat into the taxes that we supply them with. They despise you and me and show it at every turn. This will be the subject of my next blog. Thanks for your interest.