Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Charnwood Borough Council

Well guess what? My local council has lost a computer and all of our personal details have been made public to anyone who wants them! Are we really surprised? The local government officials of today are a travesty of those from yesteryear. So now what should happen and what will happen?

What should happen is that the Chief Executive should resign. He/she is obviously not fit to hold the position. It is a national disgrace which brings dishonour to all of us. If we cannot trust the people at Southfields to guard our personal details then where do we go next? There is obviously nothing of integrity left in the people who survive purely on what we pay in Council Tax. They simply do not care.

What will happen is that the CEO will refuse to resign and will be backed up by all the councillors who we stupidly voted for at the last election. NONE of them will demand his/her resignation. Nobody will question his/her suitability for the job which he/she should have lost the minute this computer was discovered.

If they do not sack the ridiculously high earning official who was found out to be incompetent then what is the point of anything? After all our bank details are almost the most precious possession that we have. If the council officials are so incompetent that they allow this information to be auctioned off on EBay then hell where do we go from here?

Now we should all demand that the Chief Executive must resign. He is obviously (sorry) a total twat. The Head of the department who committed this atrocity should also go and so should anyone else in the chain of command down to this computer.

I mean for Gawd's sake how does a council computer come to be auctioned on EBay?!! Who authorised that and why?!

Yeah I know that the reality of local government in 2008 when they are all overpaid and protected means that nothing will happen. Nobody will be regarded as culpable and nobody will be sacked because if one goes then they all go!

I look forward to the letters column in the Loughborough Echo this week!

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