Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The Home Office

I have long been convinced that the Home Office is a source of evil for the British people. I cannot remember any policy emanating from the HO which has met with the approval of the British people in the past twenty years.

This is the governmental department which was summed up in the immortal words of the then Home Secretary Dr John Reid as 'not fit for purpose'. Did anything change after his outburst? Well you guessed it, nothing has changed apart fron the Home Secretary and John Reid was replaced by yet another Home Secretary the delictable Ms Jacqui Smith!

It does not seem to matter who poses as the Home Secretary, remember Blunkett and Charles Clarke both described as 'big beasts' in the political world and yet both destroyed by this heinous department.

What I would like to know is who is pulling the strings of this department? After all the HO is responsible for controlling so many aspects of our lives. It controls immigration or doesn't control it, depending on which side of the fence you lie. If you love your country and want to control immigration then you have fat chance of support from our HO!

Crime is controlled by our HO and they will baffle you with ridiculous stats! Crime is down they argue and so the persistant criminals need no longer be jailed. We all know that violent crime is rampant which has been emphasised today when a plucky lady was thrown onto rail tracks purely for requesting thugs to stop smoking in a non-smoking area!

It is quite obvious that we need more prisons and that we need a controlled regime within the prisons and that control has to be administered by the prison officers and not the drug barons. The prisons should be a rotten place to habitat but they are in fact a luxury item where the inmates have a life which many of them could not even imagine on the outside. Some of them crave for their prison life because they cannot exist in such luxury conditions after they leave the prison!

It is obviously a quite deliberate attempt to destroy our society from within. They are even suggesting the most ridiculous premise that we do not jail persistent criminals. We have a situation whereby it is quite obvious that we need thousands of more prison places which reflect out lawless society but the HO refuses to budge. Better to forgive the thugs who commit crime than to jail them. Better to concentrate on rehabiliation than to punish those who rob, burgle, rape and destroy the average citizen. It is not acceptable and I will not accept it. What I want to know is what proposals David Cameron has to reverse this trend? Don't hold your breath folks because someone, somewhere will prevent him from reversing the trend. Why is that I ask and you should all ask the same question before voting for him.

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