Sunday, 17 August 2008

Apathy and Politics

There was a councillor from Derby on the local news this evening suggesting that we should change the day that we vote so that apathetic voters would be encouraged to turn out. I cannot believe that these political oiks live in their own dream world. They either don't get it or they refuse to swallow it but the reason that people don't vote are many and various and at the top of the list is that most of us have totally lost our respect for lying gutless politicians who are well past their sell by date.

They have given so many of the responsibilites of governing our country to Europe which means that their value as politicians has eroded. Our utilities have been sold off and our railways are being run for profit so the service is poor and the price is high. The roads are therefore packed and gridlock is nigh.

We are being exploited by almost everyone be it local councils, utility companies, banks, building societies and at the top of the list is our government who tax us unmercifully and then top it up with fines for almost anything deemed as a misdemeanour.

Trust in politics is at an all time low and even solid, tax paying citizens like myself feel disenfrancised. Neither major party will change anything. I keep waiting for David Cameron to announce some relief for the tax payers. I wait in vain for the hint of a policy on law and order which would meet with public approval. Can nobody halt the march of the politically correct bigots and give us back our national sense of humour? Who will tackle the rise in drunkenness and drug abuse currently destroying our youngsters.

Once again exam results have improved for the umpteenth year in succession and yet many of us believe that their is something desperately rotten at the heart of our education system. Let's face it I wouldn't trust the people marking the papers because there are far too many tales appearing in the press about inconsistent marking.

It goes on and on. In every sphere of government influence there are problems. Vast sums of money are being thrown at them but nobody seems to monitor what happens to it. We only see certain individuals getting very rich by picking up tax payers money which wasn't originally designed to end up on their pockets.

These are just a few of the reasons that people aren't voting and it wouldn't matter if you kept the polling stations open day and night for a week it wouldn't change anything. The people have lost trust in politics which is an appalling state of affairs for this so called home of democracy.

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