Thursday, 28 August 2008

Derby County

What the hell is going on? I read that before the game against Preston on Tuesday evening the manager (Paul Jewell) got the team together and told them that none of them was fit to captain his team. He therefore drew lots and the captain for the evening became Paul Connolly who has never played for the club before.

Well the upshot is that the team won which probably makes Jewell a lucky manager. Well I say lucky but he has yet to win a league game and he has upset the local press by alleging that they were not supporting the club in the manner that he wanted. Cue howls of protests particularly from the doyen of Derby County reporters, Neil Hallam, who has been commenting honestly on Derby County since the seventies! He is a marvellous writer who pens with humour and is not scared to confront anyone who he sees failing in the duty of running his club properly.

I have blogged recently that I am suspicious of Paul Jewell because I have not seen the improvement on the pitch that we should expect. I suspect that as a desperate measure he introduced a former academy player, Miles Addison, as a defensive midfield player and then changed the full backs. Well it worked but all my background and training in the army tells me that you should know who your captain is and if you don't then it is you who is the problem. Jewell brought most of these players to the club including the foremost object of his derision Robbie Savage.

Having said all that I have that little funny feeling that perhaps Jewell will get out of jail but am I viewing events through rose coloured spectacles? Never mind when I get down my local club on Friday night I will, once again, use my standing joke! Remember I am surrounded by Leicester and Forest fans so...hands up all those who are still in the Carling Cup... oh am I the only one then!!! Hilarious!

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