Saturday, 16 August 2008

Letter to Paul Jewell

Dear Paul,

Hello boss I expected that when I blogged disaster for my team then it would be feasible that we might just get a result or two. I cannot get to Pride Park these days but that does not mean that I care less.

To make matters worse my wife comes from Bristol and so this evening we sat together in front of the box with her goading me about a team which she last saw forty years ago when John Atyeo was a lad!!

In my opinion Derby got out of jail on Tuesday night against Lincoln in the Carling Cup when we equalised with seven minutes remaining and went on to win 3-1. Sometimes it needs something like that to kick start the season and today we faced in my opinion one of the better teams in the Championship.

To be honest Bristol City should have been so far ahead at half time that it would have been no contest but... they spurned their chances and we equalised. This team will evolve. My mate who is a F****st supporter calls Chris Commons 'fatboy' well I tell you what this guy is potentially a star and I mean that. He is a footballer to his finger tips and will become a big star when we get going.

Derby are making progress but they are vulnerable in central defence because Bristol City won far too many aerial balls. It was frightening because big Claude (Davis) did not command the area and neither did Martin Albrechtson.

You do have plus factors which were clear today. Your full backs I know are under pressure but they are responding. Sav is also trying hard and the only question I have is against Rob Hulse. I think you should try Villa and Ellington because 'Tito' really looked up for the job. Pereplotkins is also stronger than Davies at the moment but time will tell.

That was a good result today boss and it gives us all hope for the future.


Anonymous said...

I lived Loughborough in the late 70's and found myself horrified to meet lots of ex LCFC and DCFC supporters who changed sides.

bryboy said...

Real Supporters CANNOT change sides mate. I was born a Derby County fan because I belonged to the city. Nobody else chooses to support Derby unless they are a glory seeker. Leicester fans are the same. A true fan of either side would never change allegiance. I actually respect the Leicester fans because they know where their heart lies.