Sunday, 24 August 2008

Trojans and Cookies!

I have been quiet recently because I have been dealing with trojans and cookies! What? I hear you say...well the people of my age may say that but I am sure that the modern generation all well aware that trojans and cookies affect your computer to such an extent that it can crash completely.

Out there in the ether there are a group of people who take great delight in devising nasty little programs which they will then drop into any computer that they can gain access to. These programs can be quite ingenius and elaborate and so I called in my own personal cavalry in the shapes of my son and son in law and my computer is now armed with additional security software which seems to be holding the attackers at bay.

It doesn't stop the spam merchants though. Spam is the generic word for the idiots who send out unwanted E-Mails. At the moment some seedy little oik thinks that it is a wonderful idea to send me pictures of Paris Hilton in all states of undress. Why me and why Paris Hilton I don't know but I tell you what there are a lot of photos around of this young lady in compromising positions!

Then of course there are the warning E-Mails from banks who will tell you that your account is under threat so they just want you to confirm your details so that they can put it right! So far I have had warnings about my accounts at the Halifax, Lloyds PayPal and a couple of others which is strange because I don't have accounts at any of them.

The point that I am trying to make is that it is about time that laws were introduced to stop this. At the very least it is an invasion of my privacy and at the worst it could prove costly. These little sods are dangerous and should be dealt with severely but like everything else in this country nobody will do anything about it and it will probably get worse!

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