Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Kathryn Blair

There is a sensational story breaking on the BLOGs at the moment which frankly illustrates absolutely the power of the press barons and the freedom of the blogs. Apparently way back in 2004 Kathryn Blair allegedly attempted suicide and as we all know she is the daughter of Tony Blair and Cherie Booth.

Hell! He was the PM and that is possibly why he resigned and allowed the idiot Brown into office. The mainstream media (MSM)knew all about this and they chose to ignore it which absolutely demonstrates the power of the press.

This story was repressed on the orders of who? Well we don't need to know the answer but we can all hazard a guess. My thoughts are actually with the poor girl. I can fully understand that, given the frailties of her parents, she should feel unwanted, unloved or even ignored!

However now we all know! If you are important enough, if you are squalid enough, if you care more about your reputation than your troubled daughter then you can quash any story you want as long as you have a direct line to the 'Big Man'.

Nuff said!!

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