Tuesday, 1 April 2008


So after all these years we are now told, despite all the previous assurances, that immigration does not really help the economy. Well isn't that a surprise? Immigrants have poured into this country from all over the world for something like thirty years. They have been handed houses and our money and they have clogged up the hospitals, the schools and the roads. They have flaunted our laws and filled up our prisons and all the time we indigenous white people have had to hold our tongues and listened to the preposterous pronouncements of our politicians that this was all for our own good.

Now someone has had the good grace to admit that they were wrong so where does that leave us? Those that can afford it have quit the country. The brains, the courage, the enterprise are leaving daily for somewhere else.

More importantly people like my grandchildren, who know no difference, now face an uncertain future in their own country. We must support them. Why should they have to compete with people who are so desperate for a new life that they will do anything to succeed?

There has to be a balance which should favour our own. After all this is the only country that we have. This is our home. Why should we not give our own children an advantage. Already they are at a disadvantage from our education system which seems only to produce examination specialists who have little knowledge of reality.

We are letting our children down. We must not let them become dependent on state benefits. Too many already believe that free money is their right. They should earn it. Farmers say that they could not manage without the foreign labour. There is the beginning - get the council estate kids out into the country to pick the fruit, learn about the countryside and earn a living. It is only a small measure but it could be a huge move if handled in the right manner.

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