Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The New Gestapo

Today we had the ridiculous story of a guy fined for overfilling his dustbin! I know that my more famous brother would once again sum this up with his catchphrase 'I don't believe it'! We pay Council Tax which should ensure that the Council takes away our rubbish. If our rubbish for one particular week exceeds the capacity of the bin which they have provided us then that is not our fault. We live in a 'throw away' society. Nobody has ever tried to restrict the amount of packaging which we have to deal with despite continual protests.

The problem of this particular action highlights a social evil which is creeping up on us; the rise of the Council Hitler. Have you noticed how your Council Tax is exploding upwards and yet you are getting less and less for your money. Where are the police when you need them? Look at the state of your roads! How many towns are now clogged up with traffic lights, mini roundabouts and ramps which seriously restrict traffic flow. Where are the flower beds of yesteryear?

Frankly your local councillors are actually responsible for very little. Most of us are ruled by central government and they in turn only implement the doctrines of Europe. This however is costing us more and more so where is the money going? I blogged last week that the salaries of our Local Government Officers are going through the roof! Nine officers in Leicestershire alone are receiving in excess of one hundred grand! How can anyone justify these excesses? These people do not contribute anything to our lives apart from keeping some kind of order but boy are they making the most of it?

We should be very careful that we are not releasing a new kind of Gestapo on the community. I have worked with some of these people and believe you me they take themselves very seriously. Little men with a lot of power are always a threat so just remember do not overfill your bin and do not use the wrong bin. The problem of rubbish could turn you into a felon and we are all in the firing line. This government loves nothing else than turning the law abiding into criminals and ignoring the real felons; the crooks who are walking away with your council tax!

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