Saturday, 5 April 2008

MPs Expenses

This is old hat I know but I am amazed that the main stream media have not howled with outrage now that details have emerged (after a very long wait) of what our leading politicians actually classify as 'expenses'. When I was a government official it was quite clear that you were only allowed to claim expenses if you were out of pocket as a result of expense occurred pursuing your duties. Even then you had to prove that every penny was justified and every claim was scrutinised.

It takes a lot to shock me but when I saw that Tony Blair had claimed back his TV license as an expense, that Gordon Brown had cleaned his house at government expense that John Prescott was buying his food at the taxpayer's expense and that even a rich man like David Cameron would pay his mortgage courtesy of the taxpayer then words fail me. This is theft from the public purse and nothing can justify it.

It is final proof that our politicians have fallen so far below an acceptable standard of behaviour that they are unworthy of anybody's vote. I now believe that we should treat this lot with contempt and abstain from taking part in the next election. If the British public ignored the next election it would reverberate around the world! It would be a passive revolt stating that none of them are worthy of even a few minutes of our time!

Dream on I hear you say! OK but has anyone else a better idea?

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