Monday, 14 April 2008

Customer Service

Today my wife and I went into our local branch of Abbey National to sort out our finances. We had too much money doing too little.

We were first introduced to Jayesh who listened to us and explained the various accounts which should help us maximise our potential. I have banked with NatWest for over fifty years and yet nobody has ever taken an interest in me as an individual.

Having gained our interest Jayesh handed us over to a young lady called Paulina. It was her job to sort out the details and she guided us through the various processes which would take me, after 50 years from the NatWest, to Abbey National. Now Paulina spoke fluent English (obviously) but I detected transatlantic tones and I suddenly discovered that this treasure was Mexican. She was brilliant! She combined the friendliness and the inbred service training which is standard across the water and charmed us throughout the whole process which could have been a drag.

If I was Abbey National I would get hold of this young lady and get her to teach their entire staff the art of customer service! They should at least have a person permanently on their reception desk.

Thank you Paulina (and Jayesh)! My wife and I thought that you were a star(and my wife can be REALLY difficult)! I hope that you enjoyed the rest of your day watching the wrestling!!

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