Monday, 31 March 2008


Stand by for a blood bath and congratulations to all the politicians who have indulged the despot Robert Mugabe. I am sure the likes of Jack Straw will have excuses for shaking his hand. Just by the by what on earth was that discredited politician, Peter Hain, doing on Newsnight? Is he the only expert on South Africa?

There is no doubt that Mugabe will never give up power voluntarily! To gain Zimbabwe the people will have to crush Mugabe outside of the ballot box because at his age he probably does not give a damn! This is an indictment on the other African States and is a reminder that we should not be wasting British money on them.

We all see the 'soft' BBC programmes idenitifying 'cute' schoolchildren from a variety of African nations and I respect the people who give their time voluntary to help these people BUT we, here in Britain, also have our elderly parents who desperately need financial assistance.

In my opinion we should concentrate on ourselves a little more and forget our colonial ancestry. Our colonial ancestry is long, long, gone so why do we give so much money to Africa?

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