Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Government (again!)

In recent weeks I have been casually watching the government in action and I cannot believe what a bunch of useless muppets they actually are! There is not one who I would trust to walk my dog across the road and with regard to the PM words are now beginning to fail me.

As I have blogged before the economy is not my favourite topic and so I cannot write with authority on the 10p rate of tax which has got everyone steamed up. What I have seen however, is that Gordon Brown failed miserably to realize the extent of his failings and the strength of the opposition from within the party that he is supposed to be leading. He was strutting the big stage in America and he did not know that all hell was breaking lose back home. Once again I have to ask who is looking after this man? What are his aides doing? Who are these incompetents or is it that he just doesn't listen?

This abolishment of the 10p rate was done when he was proposing to announce an election. He either hoped that he would not be rumbled or he failed to realise the effect that this would have on the lowest paid workers. His main object was to woo a much larger section of the electorate and I think he miscalculated. That is the reason that he did not understand why everyone was so mad.

My worries are that Brown is under pressure week after week because he is making such a hash of the job. His own party are now beginning to worry that they will be wiped out on 1 May. Their own jobs will then be under threat. This is a party in meltdown and I cannot see anyone currently serving on the front bench, the back bench or any old park bench who can save them. There is no talent available and once Blair was rumbled as being a fake it left them all exposed.

We are so far away from a chance to remove them that I hate to think what this country will be like when the time comes. It could be too late for many of us ever to see our country in good health again.

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