Saturday, 5 April 2008

Terminal Five!

The troubles continue and as usual our country is shamed by irresponsible management! The problems with the baggage handlers at Heathrow have continued ad nauseum for some considerable time. Now I am not an international traveller of note but I have done my little bit. My wife and I only lost our baggage once and that was in Seattle. Our flight was late in from Birmingham to Chicago and we sprinted across the airport (via their internal railway)and dived onto our connecting flight to Seattle just in time. Unfortunately our luggage did not catch up with us!

Now we were departing the very next morning for the Rockies so of course panic set in but the American baggage handling system was so professional that we were assured that our baggage was en route and would be delivered to our hotel before we left... and it was!

I have also used other airports but there never seems to be the same problems that face customers of Heathrow. It was entirely predictable that on their first day the baggage handling staff at Heathrow would be unable to cope. I am convinced that this is a scam. I personally believe that the operation at Heathrow is riddled with people who by design desire disaster.

To demonstrate the state of their desire to destroy the system was it not a coincidence that the very bag that Naomi Campbell needed in America did not get on the plane? Now I hold no brief at all for Ms Campbell who probably epitomises everything that I despise about modern culture BUT she probably knew that she had been targetted by the baggage mafia. The one item she needed in America had been 'lost'! Quelle coincidence! No bloody wonder that she got arrested as a consequence. I mean she is a well known nutter but that would have done my head in.

The management at Heathrow seriously need to review their recruiting policy with respect to baggage handlers because they hold the clue to success. If you cannot rely on your baggage handlers (and they can't) then your airline will fail. In the modern age of management it has probably never occurred to them that the boys at the bottom could possibly stuff the guys at the top!

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