Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Olympic Games

I have a really bad feeling about the impending 2012 Olympic Games. I am a very keen sports fan and I have always enjoyed the Olympic Games because it is the ultimate in sporting challenges. We have seen some wonderful Olympic Games in recent years but when we were awarded the games in 2012 I must admit that a little shudder went through me.

Why would that be I hear you ask? Well we seem incapable in recent years of running anything successfully. Look at Heathrow, look at the railways then take a serious look at the gridlock which frequently jams the capital and the Home Counties. I cannot for the life of me see how we will accommodate the rest of the world in an area which cannot function normally at any rate.

One of our national weaknesses in modern times is a lack of organisation and poor administration. Nobody seems to be able to run anything anymore and yet we are told that we will have all the facilities ready in time for 2012. Yeah right! I pray that I will be wrong but well Tessa Jowell is in charge...

Already the costs are spiralling and really it is no wonder. The original estimates of about £3.5 billion apparently did not include VAT and the costs of security so it immediately rose to over £9 billion. In addition the costs of buying land and compensating owners has already risen to £30.4 billion over estimates! What!!?

How and who is paying for all this? Well don't worry folks because it is all coming out of a 'contingency fund'. Don't ask me who is contributing to this 'contingency fund' but I will hazard a guess that you and I will be close to the front of the queue and we won't even know it!

Just to get your juices really flowing a guy called Don Touhig who just happens to be a Labour MP and sits on the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee has said that the multi billion increase in the budget for the Olympic Games was likely to enter the Guinness Book of Records as the 'most catastrophic financial mismanagement in the history of the world'.

OK folks, got the picture, Tessa is in charge and the whole thing has gone pear shaped with four years to go! I tell you what if I was a small businessman I would wait for an Olympic contract to come up, put in a ridiculously low bid and then wait and become a millionaire!

I think we will have fun with this one...unless you are a taxpayer of course!

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