Saturday, 26 April 2008

After Gordon Brown - what next?

It would appear that most political commentators are agreeing that Gordon Brown's time as PM is almost up. He is being attacked on all sides and it is hard to see how he can recover any semblance of authority. So where do we go from here? I have said before that I cannot see anybody on the Labour Front Benches who could replace him. There is a huge vacuum so perhaps they will decide to keep him in place and prop him up until the next election. Just think two more years of this!

A lot of people that I talk to think that the Tories will landslide the next election but I'm not so sure. Millions of voters in this country are entirely dependent on Labour policies to keep them in the manner in which they have become accustomed. Think of all the committees and quangoes which NoLab have formed and manipulated to ensure that we voters are kept in our place. Think of all the useless Local Government positions ensuring diversity, health and safety and the other politically correct mumbo jumbo which cost the taxpayer bundles of money. Think of all the benefit cheats who have prospered under NoLab. Think of all the illegal immigrants who might be sent home if NoLab are deposed. Think of all the criminals who may suffer if we built more prisons and made them genuine prisons unlike the palatial holiday camps they currently resemble. You know that adds up to a helluva lot of votes whichever way you look at it and it still doesn't include the 'I've always voted Labour because my dad did brigade'.

I have also previously stated that I am still not sure that David Cameron would introduce the reforms that we need to get this country back to being an independent nation. He always makes me think that he is playing a clever game just like Blair did and I worry that when all the smoke clears we will be left with Tony Blair all over again only this time he is labelled Conservative. We will still be in Europe, we will still have the iniquitous Human Rights Act blighting our lives, mass immigration will be in full swing, political correctness will still prevail, police will contine to be absent from out streets and the army will still be losing valiant soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The politicians today seem to be unable to respond to the wishes of the majority. All we get are more of the same. Recently I sat up when one of the news programmes spoke about the revenue that the government would lose over the oil strike at Grangemouth because one of the pipelines would have to be closed down. It was mind boggling! We are a very rich nation in reality. The indigenous population should be living in comparative luxury. We should all have really good pensions and care homes for the elderly should be properly funded. After all we are all taxed to the hilt but the money always seems to disappear into projects which do not benefit the public.

Before I would trust the Tories I want to hear a lot more about their plans. I want some meat on the bones. The last ten years have been an unmitigated disaster unless you sold your soul to the devil. But I still remember the previous twenty years under the Tories and the scars have not healed yet.

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