Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Oil Billionaires

The announcement today of the obscene profits gained by two of the oil giants in the first quarter of the year is almost a death knell for our country. Because our pitiful government cannot preside over a reliable public transport system we are ever reliant on our four wheels. In the towns and cities we do still have some semblance of public transport but elsewhere in the rural areas a vehicle is essential.

So now we have have petrol prices shooting through the roof and no attempt by this inept government to protect their electorate from the greed of the oil giants. I wonder why that could be? Not content with taxing us until the pips squeak they are gathering in unprecedented revenue from this increase in our fuel prices. The more the oil barons charge us the more the government profits.

So I ask myself - how much more can we take before our roads are only fit for the millionaires that NoLab have created. Our roads will soon resemble the roads we used to see in the 1980's in Moscow. That means only grinning idiots like Gordon Brown will be able to travel by car. You don't think so? WE are now paying an unbelieveable price for travelling independently. It is now £5 a gallon but how about £10 a gallon or £20 a gallon? When will it affect you? At what price will the government drive you to your bike?

Fuel is power folks and you will soon know it. I predict a time when only the ultra rich will be travelling independently. I just hope that I am wrong but I never see a politician who puts his constituents before himself. So the rich will get richer and you and me? Well that is up you my friends! What will drive you to protest on the streets? When will you realise that you are being totally stuffed by the politicians? It really doesn't matter who you vote for. You will get what the rich people want you to get because they can pay fot it. NoLab, Tory, LibDem - what is the difference? They are all in the same game. No matter who you vote for you will get more Europe, more Immigration, more Taxation, less Health, less Education, less Law and Order, less Justice because that keeps them in power and you wondering where your money went.

If you are reading this and you are English you will complacently say to yourself this man is a nutter and should be ignored because you are conditioned to ignore protest. The BNP protest and they are dismissed as the racist, extremist party who are beneath contempt. But what if they are not? What happens if they are right? That is the big question for today and something that I am sure I will return to.

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