Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Olympic Torch!

Well that was a real event wasn't it? The much publicised Olympic torch relay was totally hijacked by protestors and once again our much vaunted democracy was shown for what it is - a total sham! The Olympic torch was accompanied through the 'free' streets of London by a falanx of Chinese security guards and coppers who 'protected' the torch from public gaze. For God's sake don't let the public near the flame.

I have never seen so many security people ensuring the progress of a symbol of political corruption and so many brave people trying to prevent it. I am ashamed of my country because we now represent a corrupt dictatorship which resembles the old politburo once associated with East Germany!

I tell you what boys and girls we English have a lot to learn about protestation. We have lost our guts! We ignore the obvious because we don't not want to face facts. I hope that the sons and daughters of our aristocracy and royalty are not too doped and drugged to realise that their inheritance is under threat. We have allowed a new breed of activist on our streets and this is just the beginning. Man the barricades chaps because it could be a rocky ride!

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