Wednesday, 30 April 2008


In the constituency where I live we are not holding local elections. It is not our turn. Despite this I will be holding my breath to see just what the electorate will do tomorrow. Generally I have never seen politicians held in such contempt but what is the answer? Will people take this opportunity to give Westminster in general a kicking and will this mean some real shocks in store.

I really hope that Boris Johnson beats Ken Livingstone in the fight for Lord Mayor of London because I have always believed that 'Red Ken' is a thoroughly bad lot. I don't think that Boris is himself a good candidate but it is definitely 'anybody but Ken'. Some political hacks are predicting a BNP candidate on the London Assembly. I think there is a good chance that there may be more than one! Nobody has suffered more from the mass immigration than the Eastenders and there are still more than a few of them around. Will they vote though - that is the question? We will soon know.

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