Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The Death Penalty

I have been following the case involving the young Muslim males who allegedly plotted to bomb and bring down a number of civil flights between Britain and America. The written and physical evidence seems to be irrefutable and it also appears that our security services have got their hands on some 'big' players in the terror world.

I then began to think just how does anyone punish such wickedness? What do you do with people who are so warped and twisted that they have lost all sense of reason? How can a country deal with people who have been given sanctuary and yet who reward this compassion by indiscriminately blowing people up. Let's face it people from all faiths would have been on these planes not just Christians.

This is clearly an act of treason and as such should be followed up by the death penalty. Why not? The evidence appears to be cut and dried so if they are found guilty what else can we do with them? We could not possibly allow such dangerous men back into society. We probably could not deport them on the grounds of some human right or other and even if we did what would stop them returning? What is the point of keeping them alive at vast expense to the public purse?

If we executed them then that at least might just deter some other nutters from treading the same path. Yes, I know it runs the risk of turning them into martyrs in the eyes of like-minded extremists but personally I think we should send out the message that we won't put up with this kind of madness. It will be interesting to see what the eventual outcome will be and who will come up with the inevitable compromise which will place our citizens in further danger.

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