Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Gordon Brown or the BNP!

I have been absent for a few days now although I have been reading a lot of BLOGS. My problem has been that there is so much bad news recently that it is very difficult to know what to write about. Everything is dominated by bad news. House prices are collapsing, food and fuel is rising, British Airways can't run an airport, Muslims want to blow us out of the sky, our soldiers are constantly being killed and all the criminals are being granted Human Rights despite committing horrendous crimes. Our hospitals are being 'deep cleaned' but MRSA and C DIFF continue to prosper, Council tax goes up so that council officials are now being paid a fortune but the service we get is deplorable. On and on it goes and there is never any good news.

At the heart of it all is our Prime Minister. He is now being attacked on all sides and frankly, unless he really has got a hide like a rhinocerous it must be obvious even to him that he is completely out of his depth. He even looks as if he doesn't believe himself and he is beginning to look seedy and shifty. Everything he touches collapses beneath his feet and Guido Fawkes has been running a hilarious campaign likening the PM to a 'Jonah' figure of catastrophe. The PM recently held a meeting with President Sarkozy of France at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium and ever since then the Gunners have been knocked out of everything!

Gordon decides to disappear to America for a few days and his visit coincides with the visit of the Pope! It is ridiculous - who is looking after this man? He even lost his way going to a dinner at Windsor Castle! Everything he does is a disaster which reflects very badly on his choice of aides. This brings me to another point. If NoLab panic and try to get rid of him who can succeed him? Yeah I know there is no heir apparent! This speaks volumes for the state of this sad gits political party. Almost all of their senior politicians have been found wanting during the last ten years and so we are left with people like David Milliband. He speaks and acts as if someone has pre-programmed him. There is no fire, no passion and no commitment so he is not ready to lead our nation. Are we really then going to stumble around leaderless for the next two years so that our PM can swan around pretending to be in charge?

And do you know the worst bit? I cannot get enthusiastic about David Cameron either. He does however have a much stronger shadow cabinet. I still don't know if it is worth voting and if I do which party wants what I want. The answer is clear - the party that wants what I want no matter how uncomfortable I feel about it is the BNP. Take away the racial connotations and their manifesto is almost identical to what I want. I also don't believe that their membership is entirely made up of rampant racists. After all not all NoLab members are trade unionists. Not all Tories are toffs from Eton and Oxford. Every party has quite a broad church of membership.

Now I think rightly or wrongly that I am pretty much Mr Average. When I talk to my family and friends we generally all want the same thing. The main parties cannot or will not provide it. We are ignored, lied to and vilified by main stream politicians. Perhaps it is time to take a chance. It could be a bumpy ride but we need direct and determined leadership and it is not coming from our PM. With local elections due on 1 May I wonder just how many people are thinking along the same lines as myself?

The PM addresses the UN in New York complaining that Robert Mugabe is being undemocratic! That coming from a man who ducks elections, refuses promised referendums and denies his MPs free votes on moral issues!

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