Saturday, 3 May 2008

Gordon Brown

So now I know that I am not alone in thinking that Gordon Brown is a busted flush. Here is a man who has abused the position of Prime Minister and the electorate have found him out. Thank goodness that we still have enough people left who value our democracy ad who have kicked this guy into touch.

The position of NoLab from almost unparalleled supremacy to bronze medallists in the local elections is totally down to one man - Gordon Brown. The public have uncovered this imposter. He is hopeless and his political ambitions have also been exposed. He is totally self obsessed and we all know it. He has subverted the Civil Service and the Police so that nothing that we valued prior to 1996 is now recognisable.

He sold off gold reserves to fund his political ambitions and then according to newspaper reports raided the pension fund to continue his avarice. Everything he has done is contrary to democracy. He promised a referendum but then ducked it, he took control of NoLab and then refused to be challenged at the ballot box. He knows instinctively that he is a loser and not fit to be Prime Minister but he is prepared to bring his whole party down to fulfil his personal political ambitions.

I cannot understand why the NoLab members who are almost all going to be seeking alternative employment in two years time put up with him. Let's face it he has now been so exposed that his reputation as a 'prudent' Chancellor has been destroyed.

I remember however blogging way back in January that this PM was misleading the public over the inflation rate. He is quite frankly a liar and now we all know it.

Did you notice how David Cameron and Nick Clegg were both seen out mixing with the general public but when did you last see a NoLab leader exposed to me and you. They, the leading socialists of our time, are so ashamed of themselves that they dare not appear in public! Blair was the same, during the last elections they surrounded themselves with 'rent-a-crowd' no matter where they went. They never appeared in public because they dared not! They are the political 'bubble' where if you appear outside of the 'bubble' then you may have to answer for your actions.

I hope that Gordon Brown continues to bully his ailing party because with him as a leader they are lost forever. We have rumbled him.

PS Come on Boris now give us all reason to vote Conservative! Dare you? Will you?
Get rid of Iain Blair and the other NoLab arseholes! Give London back to the people.

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